Malgorzata Połec-Włoch

Malgorzata Połec-Włoch

Area Operations Director EE, Eastern Europe

Company: Red Bull

Results oriented change manager who likes to lead teams to win. Passionate and committed features throughout a well-rounded career in Supply Chain and Operations.

Since 2010 she is working for Red Bull, giving people wings. After the successful development of Polish operations department in 2017 she was promoted to Operations Director of Eastern Europe, leading Operations Department on 34 Red Bull markets.

She started the journey with Supply Chain in 1998 and since then she worked for different international companies where she covered planning, production, supply chain and purchasing responsibilities, with success in building supply chain strategies in terms of cost, safe and team efficiency.

Woman winged professionally, happy mum and wife on privately. Her biggest beyond professional passion are mountains - climbing, trekking, and Nordic skiin